HTC will not be making Android version of the HD2

Following the launch of perhaps the most eagerly anticipated device this year,the HTC HD2, fans of the Google Android operating systems will be disappointed to hear the HTC are preferring not to create an Android version. With a wide array of exciting and functional feature such as it’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a spectacular 4.3-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen, and the very familiar HTC Sense UI, the device is certain to be a hit with it’s Microsoft fans.

There’s been talk that HTC would build an Android-equivalent of the HD2 but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any more. In an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou says:

"Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile…We’re working hard on these kinds of products to get excitement about Windows Mobile back"DE098CA6-675B-41E7-A164-988726C47891

So it looks like while Windows Mobile is struggling and losing followers to much more exciting platforms, HTC is remaining ever faithful and acting on its own to drum up excitement. We guess HTC cares about Windows Mobile more than Microsoft does?

Obviously not putting a top-end device like the HD2 on Android raises questions on the relationship HTC has with Android. Though he believes that because Google wants to do things differently and some of Google’s moves may be ‘destructive, Chou believes that HTC "can work with Google for a long time".

So end of story is that HTC can make an Android HD2 but won’t because of loyalty towards Windows Mobile. Regardless of this news, we still believe that HTC will continue to deliver top-end handsets to Android. They’ve got to come to their senses sooner or later.

Source: Android Central


  1. Fredphoesh says

    I agree completely.

    Peter Chou must be an IDIOT to be blindly supporting WM. I have a Touch HD but am jumping ship to andriod. The one I am on feels like it is sinking, and the Touch HD2 is such a waste on WM… how to make ugly really fast.