LG aiming for more success with LG GD510 POP!

LG-GD510-cell-phone-08 Aiming to build on the huge, global success of the Cookie, LG hope that this latest handset will also be it’s successor, of sorts.

This is the handset LG have come up with; The LG GD510 Pop. First impressions are good, the handset combines clean, simple looks with dimensions said to be smaller than the original Cookie. That brings me onto LG’s next claim, although with no dimensions to back it up, we’ll have to take their word, but LG has said that the Pop will be the most compact 3.0 inch touch screen bar on the market. That’s quite a substantial promise to make!

So, onto some more practical information we do know. The Pop loses the three button layout found on the Cookie below the screen in favour of a single button. This worried us slightly too, until we read what LG has planned for this little fellow; it will be a multi-purpose button, the action of which will be detailed by the colour of the back light at the time. Green – to make a call or access the menu, Red – to end a call or cancel/close the menu. Sounds simple enough, but is it going to be a good idea or a pain in the lower regions? we’re not sure and can’t comment until we’ve tried it, but it is without a doubt innovative, and I personally quite like the idea; which fits in well with LG’s tag line: Simplicity is Supreme.


As for the other specs of the phone that we know, the Pop has a brushed aluminium frame with a 3.0 inch WQVGA screen. The Pop also sports a 3.0 megapixel camera and 8GB of internal storage, which is actually more impressive than it sounds, if LG’s claim about this handset being the most compact 3.0 inch touch screen bar, prove true.

The Pop is apparently expected for release mid-October with no word on price, although we expect it to be similar to the Cookie.


Source: UK Mobile Blog