New Names for the Acer Smartphones

We have become aware today that the names of the new Acer Smartphones will have changed at launch.

The previous names for the devices were apparently always supposed to be internal code names, but rumours suggest the F1 name was the subject on some dispute as to whether it could be used given its association with Formula 1, interesting when Acer already have close ties to F1 and Ferrari in particular!

The new names are as follows

Acer F1 will be called the Acer neoTouch

Acer C1 will be called the beTouch E100

Acer E1 will be called the beTouch E101

Acer L1 will be called the beTouch E200

First stock of these new devices should arrive next week.


Further information on all these devices can be found here

Acer neoTouch

Acer beTouch E100

Acer beTouch E101

Acer beTouch E200

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