Google Android – What it offers and what to expect

Google Android on its own offers enough to get you going and communicating on a daily basis, however the power and advantages of the platform comes through the development and adding of applications that make the device more personal and usable for you.

The home screen on the Android platform as you would expect with most devices, there is a polite home screen image, a grey tab which reveals the programmes menu, click it again and it disappears.  From this menu you can drag icons and applications to your desktop.

The browser is key to the Android experience, and Google have created a mobile browser that does not disappoint.  A point to note is that you need a Google mail/Gmail account to take advantage of most of the features on the device.

Tabs on the browser allow for simple access to Gmail, calendar and the Google Reader. Pages appear to render well on the screen thanks to the technology found on Google’s desktop browser Chrome.

Contacts feature in Android is the least impressive function on the unit.  There is no real way to search for contacts other than scrolling through the list.  Adding a new contact is fairly effortless.  Grouping of contacts is also possible.

Google Android is a constantly changing platform thanks to applications and development.  However in time, it could easily become one of the most powerful and sought after systems.